Rams head coach Sean McVay has a big test to pass in Jacksonville

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Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay will see another tough defense when his offense faces the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6.

When the Los Angeles Rams play the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6, head coach Sean McVay will get another shot at a top NFL defense in the Jags.

It’ll also be another chance to see how not just he, but his team responds after a tough loss against NFC West rival, Seattle.

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Fans and NFL observers will also watch to see how second year quarterback Jared Goff fares after an outing where he looked to struggle on some deep throws, and with two interceptions.

For McVay, he had a week where people wondered about his game plan, especially in getting away from, and not utilizing two of his best offensive threats in running back Todd Gurley and wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Watkins, who by all indications was ok with his production, openly questioned his lack of on social media following Sunday’s loss.

Despite what looked to be a pretty drama free early season. McVay is now getting a taste of the other side of winning, and that’s the questions when you lose, both from the media, and from those on the team.

Watkins, a legitimate deep threat, had been what many thought was the home run guy the Rams have been missing from a very mediocre NFL offense. This season, as they saw themselves go from NFL statistical cellar dweller to a top league offense, his relatively quiet role has not just Watkins, but Rams fans wondering why.

In comments after the Seattle loss, McVay noted that the “flow of the game” didn’t necessitate either Gurley or Watkins be part of how the offensive game plan eventually rolled out.

He won’t have that kind of luxury again in explaining those two not being part of the game plan should they lose in Jacksonville this week, or to any other team this season.

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Gurley has proven he can carry the load.

Watkins has shown he can be the big play threat.

Let’s hope that this week McVay has those two names somewhere on his play calling sheet.