3 Week 7 predictions for Rams and Cardinals in London

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The Los Angeles Rams play NFC West foe Arizona in London, for a Week 7 matchup of old versus young.

You have to believe that Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is glad to be “on the road” this week, as LA plays NFC West foe Arizona in London, well Twickenham to be exact. In 2017, the Rams are 3-0 on the road and only 1-2 at home.

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Conventional wisdom and the Rams are strange bedfellows this year.

As the season began, it appeared the offense was keeping the defense in games, and now it’s the other way around, which seems more logical given recent history.

One thing we ABSOLUTELY know, is home has not been hospitable for the Rams, while being on the road has been for this still very young team.

Like I said, conventional wisdom need not apply.

The Rams needs to keep pace with the Seattle Seahawks after losing to them week 5 in LA. And while the game in London is technicality a “home game,” it’s not being played in the cavernous and sparsely occupied Coliseum, so maybe the different time zone will suffice.

Either way, LA is getting an opponent who looked completely rejuvenated in Week 6 with a recently acquired veteran running back looking to make a point he’s not washed up. Meanwhile, the Rams are still looking to prove they’re more than just a nice story.

Something clearly has to give.