Where the Rams 5 wins rank heading into the bye week

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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The Los Angeles Rams are 5-2 heading home from a shutout win in London against the Arizona Cardinals. as they go into their bye week, where do those five wins rank as LA gets ready for the second half of the 2017 season?

Already in 2017, the Los Angeles Rams are one win better than they were last season. Let’s be honest, it would’ve have been hard to look at the dumpster fire LA was when the 2016 season ended, and predict a high ceiling one year later.

But here they are at 5-2, on there way home from London and into their bye week, and looking like a potential playoff team.

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Who knew?

Heading into the season, and with a list of  low expectations topped by just not playing worse, the Rams have found a rhythm that has had them in all seven games, chances to win the two they lost, and having a result where the worst case scenario is their current record. I mean think for a moment, it’s not a stretch that Los Angeles could be 7-0.

Seriously, LA could be 7-0.

The Rams have shown a lot this season. Jared Goff and the LA offense hit the break on a necessary high note where the sky’s the limit.

Now, looking back at the previous five wins shows that while making the playoffs in 2017 is still a heavy lift, they’ve shown the ability to win on the road, and gut out some victories they’d of lost under Jeff Fisher.

The Rams may not have “arrived” just yet, but you can definitely see them from the station.