Is Rams quarterback Jared Goff an MVP candidate?


The 5-2 record that the Los Angeles Rams will take with them post bye week, has lead to all manner of wild speculation. Even that of Jared Goff as an MVP candidate.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff has heard his name tossed about for postseason awards considerations, and he may earn one. But the idea he’s a league MVP candidate borders on the premature if not the downright absurd.

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At least through seven games.

With so much on deck still to happen this 2017 NFL regular season, most should agree that a lot can happen as teams separate themselves from the pack, and everything from injuries to just plain bad luck can change the fortunes of a team and certainly a player.

Goff has had a good season, all things considered, completing 133 passes on 222 attempts, with nine touchdowns and four interceptions. As he, fans, and critics begins to put his 2016 squarely into the rear view mirror, his first seven games this year appear to be more trend and less blip.

All positives for Los Angeles.

He’s also in a much better position with Sean McVay versus the Rams previous coaching regime.

it would be unfair to say McVay has Goff on a short leash, but the script through seven games is one that has been designed for the second year QB to be successful. Therefore, he’s been more efficient than spectacular, which is working just fine for LA.

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This season, Goff would be wise to offer an assist to any award he gets, be it Comeback Player or the illogical MVP, to running back Todd Gurley.

As Gurley himself bounces back from a disappointing 2016, he’s provided his quarterback some stability, cover, and production from a position that could only help Goff get his feet back under him after last year.

So, yes, it’s hard to envision an MVP for the second year Rams quarterback who is still growing into his role, on a team that has had a lot of contributions to a 5-2 start.

For a team possibly ahead of schedule, Goff as a league MVP may also be too.