Rams Gurley no fan of London games or bye weeks


2017 has seen Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley bounce back from the abyss of last season, leaving no doubt who will be the centerpiece in LA these last nine games.

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley is beginning to grow on me again. Last season, and I don’t mind saying this, I found the slumping RB much to passive and accepting of the mediocrity LA had fallen into.

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That isn’t the deal this season.

Gurley is becoming, and it’s no secret, the guy the Rams will be turning to as the season grows long into the year. Don’t misunderstand, as goes quarterback Jared Goff, so goes LA. But a legitimate shot at the postseason will squarely ride on Gurley.

The Rams have evolved as a team who has looked at the field in front of them, and realized that the workload will be on the third year running back. He gets that, and noted that the bye week kind of “messed” him up.

"“That messed me up for sure,” he said, laughing. “Just being lazy. Four to five days can make a difference. “Didn’t know it could make such a difference, but it definitely makes a difference.”"

Head coach Sean McVay hasn’t made it secret that consistency is what he wants to continue to see on offense. He noted that in the preseason, and he knows that now as the Rams at 5-2, head into Week 9 against a 1-6 New York Giants.

For Gurley, it’s about building on what he’s done through seven games.

"“My main thing is just to make sure I’m doing my same routines — not slacking off,” he said, adding, “Just making sure I’m doing the exact same thing.”"

Los Angeles needs the one time Offensive Rookie Of The Year to keep grinding as 2017 rolls on.

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For the Rams to keep winning, they’ll need Gurley to keep doing what he’s been doing, and he’s all about that this season.