The Rams to return to the playoffs, so sayeth the gods?

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(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) /

The Deshaun Watson injury feels like the latest major casualty in the Rams reversal of fortune.

Can’t say I’m happy about the Los Angeles Rams not facing the best rookie quarterback of the 2017 NFL Draft class (and my highest-regarded since Andrew Luck), Deshaun Watson. I was really looking forward to my first side-by-side look at both he and Jared Goff. Plus, competition is always best when the two teams facing off are at full strength. Opinions on power rankings vary enough without the added excuses.

To make matters worse (or better if viewed respectfully through the eyes of Rams fans), the San Francisco 49ers lose their leading receiver, Pierre Garçon, on the same day.

Is it just me or does it appear that the football gods FINALLY smiling down on the Rams in 2017? Well, it’s about time.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned how ‘dangerous’ the Houston Texans were. They then went out and nearly pulled off an upset versus the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams can (but shouldn’t) now breathe a little easier with the likely season-ending injury announced Thursday afternoon.

Watson, the captain of the ship that’s been sailing in the same direction as the Rams with similar speed is all but done for the season. According to’s Ian Rapoport, his ACL injury happened in practice and was a non-contact incident. Another way to view it, one of the freaky things that happen and point to tea leaves, reading the cards or however the stars align, all saying the same thing. In this case, the Rams are destined to return to the playoffs this year.

Consider that already key players in the NFL have gone down and undoubtedly affected the course of the season. This changing of guards has been evident in nearly everyone’s weekly power rankings. These same dangerous Texans that stood tall and in the path of both the Seahawks and Rams now stand significantly less intimidating without Watson and Watt.

The 49ers losing receiver Garçon to IR due to a neck injury seems less important at first glance. Sure, he led the team in both receptions and receiving yards but on a losing team. But the team was depended on him to aid in the quicker development of newly-acquired quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, his advancement is partly (and literally) in the hands of receivers Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Kendrick Bourne and Victor Bolden Jr.. Heard of them?  Even if you have, it doesn’t bode well for their new savior’s chances of knocking the Rams off course.

Of course, this is all speculation. The Rams themselves would have to remain major injury-free for the ‘football gods’ theory to bear fruit. But as a Rams fan myself, I have to suggest it and pose these questions:

How many times in recent seasons have you, John Q. RamsFan, felt or believed that forces outside the realm of reason and logic conspired against your team? In fact, hasn’t the last few years felt like both you and the team were in the Twilight Zone? And why then would this strange turn of events in favor of our team be less believable?

You’ve no doubt seen or heard of some fans weird pre-game rituals or perhaps have one of your own. Why? Because in the world of sports we take whatever we can get, not necessarily because we actually believe it in our more personal daily lives. A rabbit’s foot to mellow out the ol’ ball and chain? Please.  

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Truth is, we pray for things like job promotions. Sometimes we get them because we deserve them. Other times, because the previous person in that position ran into a tree on a rainy night…after you prayed.

It’s also very true and believable that good things sometimes happen when you hire good people. But where’s the fun in that?

Mind you, I’m not encouraging prayer and cheering for any NFL injuries. I’m merely mentioning what many of us love to entertain anyway; football gods are real at the NFL level. And ending on that note, I’d be very nervous if I were a starter for the Seattle Seahawks in the near future.