The Rams could have multiple MVP candidates

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(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

As the Los Angeles Rams continue to impress and surprise a lot of NFL observers, the possibility is emerging that LA could have a a few players considered for MVP honors.

The Los Angeles Rams might have a bounty of riches. In a city loaded with would be and actual celebrities, LA is quickly emerging as the team, where MVP candidates might be in more than one.

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Quarterback Jared Goff?
Running back Todd Gurley?
Punter Johnny Hekker?

We already know, and the NFL media have all but conceded first year head coach Sean McVay is a lock for Coach Of The Year honors in 2017.

Hey Rams fans, it doesn’t get much better than this early into a rebuild.

And yes, 2017 when compared to 2016 is a rebuild on some level. But this good this fast is an indication that players like Goff and Gurley are advancing this team perhaps beyond what was considered a reasonable expectation.

As for Hekker, he might be the best of them all. His ability to dominate a game by how he affects an opponent’s field position is one of those not-so-glamorous, seldom seen highlights.

Gurley, who will see the Rams run him to a possible playoff berth and maybe an NFC West title, might be the best chance of the three. If he can stay healthy and have the offensive line hold up, his impact down the stretch will be huge.


Goff has probably the least likely chance, but his play has him in the mix as he’s gone from the precipice of the bust label, to the possible franchise quarterback the Ram were hoping for on Draft Night 2016.

Best of all, and the straw that stirs the drink in Los Angeles is McVay, who short of a monumental collapse, will be the NFL Coach Of The Year. If Goff is the franchise quarterback, McVay is their franchise coach.

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The Rams are loaded with youth and talent. A script written perfectly for the NFL back in Los Angeles.