Rams a better team and story than media-hyped Cowboys

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Pick a day, any day really, and the NFL media has a hyper focus on the Dallas Cowboys. But the bigger story in 2017 won’t be another lost season in Jerry World, but a breakout year for the Los Angeles Rams.

The Los Angeles Rams are getting some nice media coverage, but despite a 7-2 record, the Dallas Cowboys, who have a record of 5-4, continue to be a dominant story every single day of the NFL season.

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Heck, they are a dominant story in the offseason.

This week on shows like The Herd with Colin Cowherd, a Dallas fanboy and apologist, you hear the typical drip-drip-drip of a media type that regularly makes excuses for a team who still doesn’t measure up to the hype or saturation coverage.

It’s typical for a media that loves to talk about how great the Cowboys are, excusing them for being remarkably average, while giving only courteous coverage to those who beat them.

One should not forget that the Rams beat Dallas in Week 4 35-30, IN Dallas, and is having a markedly better season than Jerry’s Boys.

ARLINGTON, TX – NOVEMBER 5: Dak Prescott /

But a better record by an opponent seldom enters the thinking of an NFL media that always swoons over the once great Cowboys franchise that has been more hype than substance.

So, why should 2017 be any different?

The best story in the NFL this season will be the Los Angeles Rams. They’ll have the Coach Of The Year, maybe a league MVP in Jared Goff or even Todd Gurley, will more than likely make the playoffs, and are in the discussion for maybe being the best team in the NFC, (psst, this means a possible shot at the Super Bowl).

But Dak and Jerry continue to dominate headlines because, well, they’re the Cowboys.

And of course you have Zeke Elliott who loves showing his abs more than he loves showing any semblance of common sense.

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So, while Dallas is in the headlines for hype and hope more than wins and losses, the best story in football remains in Los Angeles, where winning is actually happening.