The Rams defied conventional wisdom, and found success

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams will be looked at by the NFL media and a lot of team executives to learn how an organization could go from a 4-12 grease fire, to an 11-5 contender in the NFC.

In a year where left was right and up was down, the Los Angeles Rams going from 4-12 to 11-5 should be an acceptable form of a new normal in an NFL where what was, isn’t necessarily what will be, moving forward.

Whereas I have been critical of a fairly laid back kind of attitude among players like running back Todd Gurley and quarterback Jared Jared Goff, it might begin with a more relaxed head coach like Sean McVay, who has trust and faith with who’s in the building than those who watch from outside of it.

There is no longer any micromanaging on the sideline. When the offense is not on the field, McVay may be sitting on a flight case or the bench locked in to his tablet while Wade Phillips runs the defense on the field.

When it came to a Week 17 game against a hot division rival, no one said anything about momentum or post season awards, only an acknowledgement that whatever McVay was doing was working, therefore sitting out a game would to.

Don’t forget that earlier in the season, it was an over the hill, out of the game Mike Martz who lobbed some fire towards the first time/first year head coach saying that the Rams hired a buddy for Goff.

A deliberate shot at both McVay and the organization.

Remarkable arrogance would also flow from former head coach Jeff Fisher, who sleeps better believing his roster won 11 games while he is out of work in 2017

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Both Martz and Fisher represent a time come and almost gone. Should McVay win one game, two games, three games, four games or no games in this postseason run, the 31 year old will have moved the needle beyond the conventional wisdom.

Maybe it’s not all fire and brimstone, as those days may be locked away on any number of highlight reels at NFL Films now and forever.

It might be more than a new era of Los Angeles Rams football, but a new era in the NFL as well.