Will a team leader emerge for the Rams today?

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 03: Head coach Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams talks with quarterback Jared Goff
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 03: Head coach Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams talks with quarterback Jared Goff /

It is hard to find a definitive team voice and leader for the Los Angeles Rams in 2017. But it is interesting to note that the one person who has emerged as the face and voice of the franchise doesn’t even where a uniform.

Versatility has been a good friend in LA, so much so, it’s hard to pinpoint if a genuine, go-to leader has ever really emerged for the Los Angeles Rams.

I mean, 11-5 has had a lot of input from various names on the roster.

Pick one.

Jared Goff?
Aaron Donald?
Todd Gurley?
Robert Woods?
Andrew Whitworth?
Johnny Hekker?
Greg Zuerlein?

Headliners all, but a bonafide, go to leader?

Have the Rams had that one voice , especially in a season where contributions have come from so many places, and from every name mentioned above during those 17 weeks?

But that one voice, or better yet, the one face of the team, of the franchise?

Last season, in the teams first year back since 1994, Gurley, prematurely, was pushed hard by the Rams brain-trust but it didn’t really take. Neither did Goff, who didn’t even see the fiend until a home game against Miami with nine games already in the books.

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Fortunately for this 2017 edition, Jeff Fisher has become the poster boy for everything that went south in Los Angeles, and rightly so.

But for a team who has come out of nowhere and exploded on the NFL landscape, the one person who has truly emerged as the go-to face and name for the Rams is new coach Sean McVay.

And it’s worked.

Los Angeles is all of the names above.

It’s not “Cam” in Carolina, or “Aaron” in Green Bay. The Rams have avoided being pegged as one personality or a “one trick pony” as have most everybody else.

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For the better, the guy most responsible and accurately credited for turning it around is the guy who is the best to lead this group into the postseason and beyond.

McVay has become that voice and that face.

The Los Angeles Rams have had success with a lot of players taking ownership. But make no mistake, the designated leader of this franchise doesn’t wear a helmet and uniform.

he just found a way to win, when the other guy couldn’t.