Losses to the Eagles and Falcons show Rams weren’t able to win a big game

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Devonta Freeman
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Running back Devonta Freeman /

The Los Angeles Rams showed that the moment on Saturday night may have been bigger than the team, when they lost an opening round playoff game to the Atlanta Falcons.

It’s not an indictment of the Los Angeles Rams, at least not yet, but in two games where LA needed a big performance to win a big game, they could not.

Like I said, it’s not an indictment of any kind for the Rams, at least not yet.

Los Angeles is getting a significant pass for their loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the opening weekend of the playoffs. After years slathered in mediocrity led by the king of it in Jeff Fisher, a breakthrough season like the one put together by first year head coach Sean McVay should be celebrated.

But don’t allow a lackluster performance to get lost in the good feelings of 11-5 season and an NFC West title.

Yes, it’s significant given where they were, and yes, it should be a preview of what is still to come for the Rams.

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But in two big games, first against the Eagles, and then Saturday night in the loss to Atlanta, Los Angeles COULD NOT WIN.

Period, end of sentence.

In their first playoff appearance since 2004, you never felt that the Rams were able to muster an offensive attack to first overcome a deficit, or then keep the Rams defense of the field.

And spare me the excuse of the horrible turf at the Coliseum being what stymied LA, as the Falcons put up 26 on the same lousy track.

The moment, the definition of a “big game” caught the Rams.

Or was it the week off no one wants to talk about being a reason either?

I agree with everyone’s assessment that the trajectory is pointing up, and I have written that the ceiling for Los Angeles is sky high.

But winning a lot of games in the regular season takes on less significance when you can’t win a big game, especially in the postseason.

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It’s why the Patriots are who the Patriots are, and they are the Gold Standard not just in the NFL, but probably in all of professional sports.

The Rams had an amazing season, now they need to win a big game.