Are the Rams now a preferred destination for free agents?

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After a huge turnaround, the Los Angeles Rams might now be a favorite destination for free agents.

One of the byproducts of winning is people wanting to be a part of it. The Los Angeles Rams, fresh off of an 11-5 regular season record and brief playoff appearance, may have also evolved into a preferred free agent destination this offseason, and why not?

Up-and-coming head coach in Sean McVay.
Up-and-coming quarterback in Jared Goff.
Should be MVP in Todd Gurley.
Should be Defensive Player of the Year in Aaron Donald.
Should be Executive of the Year in Les Snead.

It’s a bountiful of riches in Los Angeles, and Snead and McVay could find interest in SoCal an easy sell, even in the aftermath of a playoff loss (I wonder if Jeff Fisher to take credit for this too).

It is worth noting that 2017 could be a one year, everything clicked, kind of season. In fact, take a look at the 2016 Oakland Raiders. They looked to be a star on the rise and ended up out of a mediocre AFC playoff mix just one year later.

But it’s hard to ignore the takeaways from players quickly reflecting on less a playoff loss, but the optimism of what may still be on the LA horizon.

Bottom line, players want to play for the Rams and McVay.

The buy-in many talked about last summer remains a few days before the conference championship games, and that’s a big deal. Previously, free agents were looking for greener pastures, now those greener pastures are in the Coliseum. That’s all McVay and how he runs his show.

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Now it’s up to the organization to get it right. Snead has to parlay the good karma into getting Donald taken care of, a jigsaw puzzle with the pending comings and goings on defense, and building on the momentum 11-5 brings.

The Rams can now play from an advantageous hand. Players who want to be a part of what’s happening in LA will certainly look at what’s to come and know being part of something special has a price tag.

If Snead can get the math right, the wins will keep piling up in Los Angeles.