Los Angeles Rams: 3 first-round picks to consider for the 2018 NFL Draft

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Second year quarterback Jared Goff had a big comeback kind of season in 2017.

One thing that became crystal clear early this year was the confidence he had standing in the pocket. Gone was the looking over his shoulder wondering who was going to crush him during his seven game rookie season.

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot of areas they can point to in 2017 and say were remarkably successful.

Especially the offensive line.

Frankly, LA can also point to relatively good health with what initially looked like a hodgepodge of patchwork to keep their franchise QB safe from peril.

And it worked.

But they also have some age to consider heading into 2018, especially 36 year old Pro Bowler Andrew Whitworth . As good a job as Snead and McVay did in cobbling together an offensive line, they also need to be aggressive in improving not just for next season, but for those still to come.

One player the Rams should look at, among the many they will between now and draft day, is offensive tackle Orlando Brown from Oklahoma.

Brown is 6’-8” and 345 pounds. In his Sooner career, Oklahoma played 40 games, and Brown started in all 40 of them. He finished his career as a unanimous first-team All American, and was one of three finalists for the Outland Trophy.