Pro Bowl adds depth to quality of Goff, Rams season

(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

While the Pro Bowl remains something of an afterthought for most fans, it provided one more validation to the dramatic turnaround of the Los Angeles Rams and their quarterback, Jared Goff.

With only the Super Bowl left to be played in this NFL season, the Los Angeles Rams added to what is still a remarkable story with a Pro Bowl that showed how far this young team, especially quarterback Jared Goff, have come.

I’ve used words like “charmed” to describe 2017. And while it may still apply, it certainly does little justice to the incredible progress made by Goff, and a first-round pick that looked to be teetering last offseason.

That’s the truth, no matter what any Uber-Fan tells you. No one saw that coming, and yesterday, regardless of your thoughts on the Pro Bowl, Sunday validates and puts the final stamp on what was the full circle of Goff a year later.

Meaningless as yesterday’s game may have been, it’s also a needed win for the Rams organization, especially General Manager Les Snead, who could have been part of a house cleaning when they sent Jeff Fisher packing.

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But if you look at what happened from the moment he hired head coach Sean McVay, through a successful and productive free agency, and then a great draft that effectively set the table for both Los Angeles and Goff getting it turned around, the non-event that is the NFL Pro Bowl was the big bow on the season.

As for his day in Orlando, it was far more symbolic than anything else. Goff would throw for 86 yards on 10/18, with no touchdowns or interceptions. Uneventful as the game was, it is a positive wrap-up to a Week 17 loss against division rival San Francisco, and a letdown in their playoff loss to Atlanta.

He also made a great impression on New Orleans Saints quarterback and future Hall of Famer, Drew Brees.

It’ll be up to Goff to take all this momentum and confidence into a 2018 season where they won’t sneak up on anybody. The Rams were in the hunt for big things in 2017, but they’ll now be the hunted in the NFC West.

Goff will have to do more than generate the good feelings. It’s only about winning now.