Los Angeles Rams: 3 offensive picks to consider in the 2018 NFL Draft

FORT WORTH, TX - DECEMBER 23: Rashaad Penny
FORT WORTH, TX - DECEMBER 23: Rashaad Penny /
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Yeah, Todd Gurley.

I’ve written about him all season. I’ve written he was the best part of the Los Angeles Rams offense. Better than Goff, better than wide receiver Sammy Watkins, or rookie receiver Cooper Kupp.

I’ve read all the arguments and written a few myself.


I also wondered if he’ll be as effective in year four as he was in year three.

Let’s not forget, he went south his sophomore season and a trend could indicate he struggles this year as defenses will be locked in to him.

I’m not suggesting the Rams are looking at a replacement.

However, I will say he’ll be a guy looking at new dollars following the 2018 season and options at that position will be critical for the Rams.

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Enter Rashaad Penny from San Diego State.

Penny 5’-11” and 220 pounds. He’s also likely to go early, like on Day 2 of the draft. But he’s a guy that should he slip for any reason, a team would be smart to jump on him if he’s available at a spot in the third round or later.

I believe Gurley is a player the Rams will focus their offense on in 2018. He’s also at a position that seldom has staying power beyond a contract like his.