Former Rams quarterback Nick Foles leads Eagles to win and scores Super Bowl MVP


Former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Nick Foles leads Philadelphia to a Super Bowl win, and earns MVP honors.

On a Sunday where the Philadelphia Eagles were again an underdog in a postseason game, former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Nick Foles had a game for the ages, as the city of Philadelphia finally has a long sought after Super Bowl win.

Foles, a genuine good guy, is now an NFL champion and game MVP, perhaps usurping at least for one night, the league MVP New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won the previous evening at the NFL Honors.

It was also the final nail in the coffin, or certainly should be, for former Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Fisher saw three of his most recent quarterbacks, Jared Goff in LA, Case Keenum in Minnesota, and Foles last night, effectively repudiate the idea that he (Fisher) should be a head coach in the National Football League ever again.

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Or for that matter whether he had any hand in the success of the 2017 Rams.

He shouldn’t on the first point, and absolutely did not on the second.

The trifecta that is Goff, Keenum, and Foles created not just separation from the failures of their association with the former coach, but presented perhaps the best argument that they are, in fact, better of now than at any point playing for Fisher. All three excelled, and all three look to have futures that should prosper in varying degrees moving forward.

But last night in Super Bowl LII, it was all about Foles. He took apart the Patriots defense, and out-dueled Brady. It was a game where he was the better quarterback on the field, and led the best team to a Super Bowl win.

It’s the stuff of legend and of dreams. And in a season where news from the league has been something of a mixed bag, it got a great story to wrap up a great game, on the last day of the season.

And it couldn’t have happened to a better guy.