Rams better be ready for challenge of fifth toughest schedule in 2018

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams are tied with the Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks for fifth toughest schedule during the NFL 2018 season.

Unlike last offseason, the bar will be set high for the Los Angeles Rams heading into the NFL 2018 season after Sean McVay and company shocked the football world last year by winning the NFC West title thanks to an impressive 11-5 record. After making the bold decision to go with McVay as the youngest head coach in NFL history, most football fans expected the Rams to go through a year or two of rebuilding before they could even be considered to be part of the serious contenders category.

Obviously, Los Angeles achieved their goals quicker than expected, as McVay wasted no time changing the culture of this team, as he clearly was able to connect with the players in a way that Jeff Fisher never could. For a team that was coming off an embarrassing 2016 campaign in which they averaged just 14 points per game, it was truly amazing to see the Rams succeed the way they did last season, and the best part is, McVay’s team seems to be just scratching the surface of what should be an exciting next couple of years.

With that being said, it’s now up to Los Angeles to prove that went happened last season wasn’t a fluke, and this team does in fact have what it takes to remain the team to beat in the NFC West along with being a serious contender to compete for the Super Bowl. And in order for this to happen in 2018, one of the biggest factors the Rams will have to overcome is finding ways to win while having the fifth toughest schedule.

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Tied with the Cleveland Browns and a familiar face in the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles’ opponents have a combined 134-122 record from the 2017 season, showing how much of a challenge this could truly end up being. To be the best, a team has to take down the best, and when it comes to the Rams looking to build off of last year’s success, they better be ready for a fight. Between their high-powered offense led by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley along with Aaron Donald continuing to lead the way on defense, Los Angeles should be ready to still come through despite their tough schedule, although that’s always easier said than done.