Los Angeles Rams: 3 near locks to count on before they get to training camp

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Count on Rams General Manager Les Snead to listen to the better angels of his nature and resist the desire and “make-good” to sign the wide receiver who promised much in theory, but delivered little of circumstance on the field.

And that’s just the reality of what fans hoped for, but ultimately were never delivered.

And hey, that’s OK.

Maybe the Los Angeles Rams aren’t that kind of team, and maybe Goff isn’t the kind of quarterback who delivers the big bomb the way a lot of over the top, big time vertical teams do.

Let me ask Rams super fan one question: if the Rams could deliver a carbon copy of 2017 in 2018, and Watkins, who didn’t distinguish himself the way he could have, isn’t part of the roster, would you take it?

Yes, you would.

Snead knows this.

Look for Watkins to NOT be in a Rams uniform come training camp 2018. Both Snead and McVay know the smart money is to build on what they did last season, and that is to focus on the running game via Todd Gurley first, and a passing game that focuses more on the percentages than the home run.

Meaning no Watkins, and that is very smart.