Los Angeles Rams: 3 near locks to count on before they get to training camp

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SEATTLE, WA – DECEMBER 17: Quarterback Russell Wilson
SEATTLE, WA – DECEMBER 17: Quarterback Russell Wilson /

Nope, they won’t, and it could be even money whether the Los Angeles Rams sign defensive tackle and DPOY Aaron Donald to an extension.

I don’t think they do and frankly, why would they?

If anything, the Rams have shown that they know they have time, and a lot of it, meaning come 2019, Donald will still be a top-line player WAITING for an extension in Los Angeles.

And you know what, that’s OK.

Snead knows time is in his side. He also knows the slings and arrows from a fan base and a fickle NFL media who will be critical wondering why the best defender in the league has yet to have his future decided.

Fans will wonder the same, but they’d be wrong, because it is decided.

The Rams know the price tag continues to escalate, and LA isn’t kidding themselves into thinking it may taper, because it won’t.

What Los Angeles is doing is saving him for last, because fitting him in later versus now is the smartest bet the team can make, knowing the moves they need to complete this offseason are bigger than working his deal now.

The Rams have time.

It won’t be popular. But if the Rams can reconfigure their defense now, without the Donald factor, it’ll be the smartest thing they do in the McVay era.