If the Eagles are the template to follow, then what about Rams backup Sean Mannion?

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NFL experts have gushed over the template the Philadelphia Eagles work from, especially after their Super Bowl victory against the New England Patriots. That said, how does such a scenario stack up for the Los Angeles Rams?

With the NFL still aglow after an Eagles win in Super Bowl LII, the blueprint in Philadelphia is a popular one the pundits think is the way to go. If you believe this, then you’d be asking yourself how good Los Angeles Rams backup quarterback Sean Mannion may be.

Really good, no so much, maybe somewhere in the middle?

Or perhaps an even better answer is “who knows?”

Worth noting is that without former Rams quarterback Nick Foles, the Eagles are dead in the water and are a non-story in February. But against most conventional wisdom, Philadelphia beat the Patriots and the NFL POY, AND league pretty boy Tom Brady.

Simply put, teams with a quality, qualified back quarterback can still win, even in the postseason, and now certainly in the Super Bowl.

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In Los Angeles, after Rams nation breathed a cumulative sigh of relief that starter Jared Goff was not a bust, few thought to consider what the drop off may or may not be when you got to the second and third names on the depth chart.

Is Mannion capable of a run like Foles?

Obviously, Foles has been a starter, and by-in-large, a very good one. But it’s a question worth asking if the Rams are as close as fans and some experts might think they are to a bonafide run at a Super Bowl. And as we all saw, in LA ironically, the Eagles losing Carson Wentz, as difficult as it is for that organization, was able to turn to someone else and lose little in stride.

Bottom line, every NFL franchise is as much a contender for the playoffs and beyond, as their depth chart says they are.

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For the Rams, what they have in Mannion is anyone’s guess. A preseason game and a designated throwaway in Week 17 is hardly a qualifier, and let’s be honest, he wasn’t all that impressive. And yes I know, he himself was playing with the bulk of the second team.

But in the NFL, and with aspirations beyond what we all saw in 2017, keeping an eye on who’s next should Goff go down, is worth keeping a wary eye on.