Rams combination of Goff to Woods another reason to cut bait on Watkins


Sometimes, when it works it works. For the Los Angeles Rams, the connection between Jared Goff and Robert Woods did. The one hoped with Sammy Watkins, just never got off the ground.

In the daily debate of whether to keep Sammy Watkins or bail on the mismatched wide receiver, comes some curios news for Los Angeles Rams fans. According to NFL.com, the combination of Jared Goff and Robert Woods ranks eighth on their list of top QB-WR duos.

That’s good news, especially for a player who got second tier ink compared to the Watkins acquisition last year.

It may also be an indicator that while an interesting prospect, applying the franchise tag to Watkins is a mistake.

A big one.

In an ideal situation, wanting to take a flyer on whether or not Goff to Watkins could be the fireworks most fans thought it would be, IS intriguing. But in an offseason where everyone in the NFL world knows the Rams have bigger and more critical questions to be answered on defense, using the franchise tag on a one-trick-pony like this particular receiver, is dumb on many levels.

And frankly, both Rams General Manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay are smarter than that.

Woods, who looked to sneak into the consciousness in Los Angeles especially after rookie Cooper Kupp captured the imagination of Rams fans, found a groove with Goff. So much so, that the second year quarterback had a 114.9 passer rating when connecting with Woods.

That’s good enough for the third highest among QB and receiver hookups with 60+ targets.

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As anticipated as the big home run was when Watkins put on a Rams uniform, it simply never materialized. And let’s me honest, doubling down by keeping him in LA just doesn’t make any sense, no matter the possibilities of “what if” or “could be.”

Goff to Woods just works.

At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.