Rams made a move to do more than win a division

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

Many in the NFL world think the Los Angeles Rams are close to being a bonafide Super Bowl contender. The trade for Marcus Peters says a lot about that.

When the Los Angeles Rams traded for malcontent Marcus Peters, they were hedging a bet that the upside would outweigh the downside.

It may, but don’t think for one moment that a guy like Peters, who had ZERO takers beyond the Rams, isn’t capable of upsetting a good thing going in LA.

He can.

For 24 hours, I’ve read about the amazing deal Los Angeles made to acquire the talented, but also troublesome cornerback.

If it works, the growing legend of Sean McVay will be ratcheted up.

If he fails, same deal, but the other way.

If the Rams look north to San Francisco, they know their biggest threat comes from the suddenly relevant 49ers.

It’s quickly become a case of “keeping up with the Jones’.”

That may be a tough battle to win.

For the record, and based on how easy it was for the Rams to make such a deal, Peters solves a problem while the team may be taking on another. That said, the Rams have a chance to move to the front of the line as far as Super Bowl favorites may be concerned.

Very quickly, LA has taken on a swagger that says “they’ve arrived” without actually doing so.

I mean, they went pretty quietly in their playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Like a peep in the night, quietly.

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Predictably, talk will quickly move to where Trumaine johnson will ultimately end up. Though I will say, imagine if LA made a significant move to keep him, thus creating an absolute nightmare for the NFC West, and every opponent on the Rams 2018 schedule.

Pipe dream.

Credit the Rams for going for it, and know Los Angeles will be a front runner for more than the division.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t blow up on the launch pad.