The Rams and Niners look to be on a collision course in the NFC West


With both Seattle and Arizona looking to be in either a retool or rebuild mode, the focus now shifts to the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers for NFC West superiority.

Don’t look now, but an arms race has broken out in the NFC West between the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers. With the signing not too long ago of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the Niners, and LA trading for cornerback Marcus Peters, the division is shaping up for some serious California domination.

Sorry Seattle Seahawks.
Sorry Arizona Cardinals.

Don’t look for many sad faces in the Golden State as it may be a two-horse race between these two teams. But while the Seahawks and Cardinals look to retool and rebuild, the Rams and Niners are ramping up to dominate where they were once also-rans.

San Francisco also looks to be on the precipice of doing a quick turnaround not unlike what LA fans experienced in 2017.

The Niners, who also pick ninth in the upcoming NFL Draft, will probably select on the defensive side of the ball, meaning a top ten pick is likely to have an immediate impact for a team who finished last in the NFC West, but did so with a flourish of five straight wins.

One more thing, is that this is a rivalry desperate for a jump start. It’s also one the Niners have “dominated” the last two seasons, going 1-3 to be exact.

Fans should hope the NFL does a budding and re-engaged rivalry right. That means a prime-time game that feature two young and up and coming teams with talent at the quarterback position.

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It also means neither team will have the luxury to treat a Rams-Niners game as a throwaway, the way Los Angeles handled Week 17 last season.

That’s a win-win for everyone.

Los Angeles and San Francisco look to be on the same kind of trajectory. In a division that had grown stale with the Seahawks dominating the last few years, it’s a welcome change.