The Los Angeles Rams get it right moving on from Tavon Austin

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams look to finally be pulling the trigger on a move we all saw coming last season.

Finally, the Los Angeles Rams riddle that was Tavon Austin looks to be hearing a resolution. It’s expected he will be released or traded come the beginning of the NFL league season on March 14.

End of story.

No tears needed for Austin, who is the last high profile holdover from the tried and failed Jeff Fisher era.

All that said, it came as no surprise the Rams are ready to cut the cord on the all-but-forgotten player. Austin just never really fit. With the exception of the jet-sweep, he was a player who had one call in the playbook, and everyone knew what it was.

He wasn’t the home run threat the team hoped for either. Neither was Sammy Watkins, and that in a nutshell may best illustrate who the Rams are.

Call it dumb luck. But LA is who they showed to be over 11 wins and five losses, and that’s not a bad thing. The Rams aren’t a team who really needs that player to be explosive. With a remarkably average and seldom used Watkins, tell me how explosive this offense was despite both?

They were.

In short order, the Rams will cut bait on Austin and likely Watkins, and Los Angeles will be the better for it.

LA is who they are. And by doing so, shown that winning is tied directly to a guy who has yet to put two solid season together, but will be tasked with doing so this season.

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In two words:
Todd Gurley.

So goes the running game, so go the Rams, and until quarterback Jarred Goff shows he can change that equation, LA is no hard riddle to solve.

Gurley showed himself to be that good, and he’ll be asked to do it again.

So, Austin departing Los Angeles only says what we’ve known for a good while now. And what teams who play the Rams also know going into 2018.