Los Angeles Rams: Did Watkins tweet about excitement to hit free agency?

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With the Los Angeles Rams weighing out whether to use the franchise tag on Sammy Watkins, the wideout seems to have posted an interesting tweet on Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon, Los Angeles Rams fans will finally know whether the team decided to use the franchise tag on wide receiver Sammy Watkins or Lamarcus Joyner, as this has been one of the most popular discussions over the last couple of weeks. Realistically, the Rams would love nothing more than to have both players back, but when looking at what it would cost since both Watkins and Joyner would prefer long-term deals, this is one of those situations that is always easier said than done.

As bad as it sounds, nobody would be surprised to see Los Angeles use the franchise tag on Joyner instead of Watkins since the safety appears to be the more valuable piece to the team at the moment. After making the switch to safety, Joyner was absolutely fantastic for the Rams in his first year at the position, and losing him to free agency would only leave the team with another void to fill in the offseason, even if there would be plenty of great prospects to choose from.

With Watkins, there’s no question Los Angeles would love to have him back, but when looking at how Sean McVay would still have Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp to work with along with players like Josh Reynolds looking to take on a larger role, the wideout would be easier to replace. If Watkins were to hit the open market in free agency, there are plenty of teams that would immediately express interest in bringing the speedy wideout on board. And even though there’s no official way to confirm the meaning behind a message on Twitter by Watkins, it seems like the wideout may already have some sort of idea that he’s going to hit free agency, which could result in a hefty payday coming.

Rams fans can think whatever they want about that tweet, but it’s safe to say that Watkins can’t wait to hear what the team decides to do later on Tuesday when it comes to the franchise tag. The 39 catches by Watkins in 2017 may seem frustrating, but also keep in mind that he did manage to record eight touchdowns as well, and his presence helped draw extra attention from defenders to open up additional passes for some his teammates.

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Only time will tell when it comes to what the future holds for Watkins in Los Angeles. But at least with Tuesday’s franchise tag deadline, at least the Rams will at least be able to confirm that Watkins or Joyner will be back for now.