The Rams are beating the Chargers in the battle for Los Angeles

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

It’s impossible to look at the NFL landscape in LA and not notice that the Los Angeles Rams have made the Chargers all but an afterhought.

The Los Angeles Rams are winning not just the NFL offseason, and not just getting better than the other three teams in the NFC West, but they are also making the other team in town something of an afterthought.

That’s right, you may have forgotten that the Los Angeles Chargers still play football not too far away from the NFC West champions. But in LA, you’d never know it as the bolts have been quiet thus far in this NFL offseason.

For the record, I was not a fan of the Chargers taking up residency in LA as the tandem city and soon to be stadium buddy for the Rams. Nearly a year later, it’s hard to see them as anything other than an afterthought.

The Chargers offer little star power compared to the Rams, and unless something dramatic happens, it’s hard to see a scenario where anything changes.

Currently, the Rams boast better talent up and down the roster, including the Defensive Player of the Year in Aaron Donald, the offensive Player of the Year in Todd Gurley, and the NFL Coach of the Year in Sean McVay.

The Rams have youth aplenty and a city identity, something clearly lacking with the Chargers. And come prediction time, only one team in Los Angeles will be a favorite for the Super Bowl, and it won’t be the team with the aging veteran Philip Rivers.

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Looking back, the Chargers may have misfired in pulling up roots in San Diego and heading north. It’s unfortunate SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm) had become such a dump with no hopes of a replacement venue coming anytime soon.

But that’s a San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers problem, not a Rams one.

LA has become a hotbed again for NFL football, and the Chargers have very little to do with it.