3 reasons Sammy Watkins will regret leaving Rams for Chiefs

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2. McVay was ready to do more for Watkins

As mentioned before, the Rams would have loved to see Watkins return for a second season when looking at how great the offense looked in 2017, but only at the right price. When looking at all of the upcoming contracts expected for numerous players, Los Angeles wasn’t in a position to go out of their way to provide Watkins with the hefty kind of contract he’s receiving from Kansas City.

Without question, Watkins certainly has the potential to succeed with the Chiefs when looking at the kind of offense Andy Reid has put together. Then again, when seeing how Sean McVay took it upon himself by saying how he believes as a head coach, he could develop better plays for Watkins in 2018 if given the opportunity, why wouldn’t a player want to take advantage?

There’s a reason why McVay has received heavy praise for being an offensive mastermind, and the success he had last season turning the offense around will prove that. The fact that Watkins was willing to move on as quickly as he did from the Rams is the perfect example of how he cared more about the money, and only time will tell when it comes to whether he’ll miss working under McVay.