Rams were smart not to double down on Sammy Watkins

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

And just like that, the Sammy Watkins experiment with the Los Angeles Rams is over.

As this offseason rolls on, it’s hard not to note how smart and effective the Los Angeles Rams have been thus far. Letting wide receiver Sammy Watkins walk is the latest example of not letting pride, ego, vanity, or abject stupidity get in the way of making an 11-5 team even better.

The ill-fitting soon to be former Los Angeles receiver, will sign a three-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, thus closing the book on a trade that just didn’t work.

Hey, it happens.

But give credit to Rams General Manager Les Snead and his head coach Sean McVay for not doubling down in an effort to prove what was inherently a bad deal.

That’s growth fans. Letting Watkins go elsewhere is a sign that Los Angeles knows who they are, who their quarterback Jared Goff is, and ultimately why their team won 11 games.

It also means that one receiver doesn’t change those 11 wins one way or another.

On the face of things, when the Rams brought Watkins to LA it looked like Goff had a long-bomb threat that would pay a lot of dividends, but it just never got off the ground. McVay has an offense that evolved into a game relying heavily on running back Todd Gurley and receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

Watkins just never was a factor, and he likely may not have been this year.

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The Rams still need “that guy” who can go long and go over the top. That threat in the McVay offense is important, and they can either find it cheaper in free agency, or perhaps even better as another young recover in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Snead and McVay keep making the smart moves that are both aggressive and about winning now.

Odds are, they get this decision right too.