Former Rams quarterbacks continue to cash-in this NFL offseason

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Quarterback Sam Bradford
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Quarterback Sam Bradford /

Would be haters continue to tweet about a system created a long time ago, as quarterbacks like Sam Bradford and Case Keenum cash-in on a QB desperate league. The Los Angeles Rams could ultimately face those two as the 2018 NFL schedule unfolds.

Two former quarterbacks who were part of the Los Angeles Rams organization (and St. Louis Rams organization) have cashed in this NFL offseason. Say what you want about Case Keenum and Sam Bradford, just don’t say they don’t anything about market value.

Both the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals were willing to take a flyer this year in hopes of winning.

The scenario with Keenum is wondering if he can be more than, or at least what he did, in Minneapolis last season including an NFC Championship appearance?

As for Bradford, he caught some late form magic, but will a history of injury catch him again?

As for the haters, go ahead and hate.

The criticism for Bradford is what happens when he plays a skill position and you, or those who don’t or cannot, can only lament. So let those on social media who can only criticize NOT getting paid hate, because they only fill the also-ran column, and that column seems pretty full about now.

Wish, hate, repeat.

Hey, I get it. The Cards are dumping a ton of money into a position they didn’t plan OR draft for last year. It’s also, a franchise that COULD NOT attract a free agent like Kirk Cousins.

Sounds like a Cardinals problem.

Yes, the Cardinals and Broncos probably overpaid for one guy who overachieved, and one who never was healthy enough too.

But spare me the peanut gallery who never did.

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You totally embarrass yourselves.

Good for Bradford and Keenum for taking advantage of a market and position only THEY can play. Especially in a league who seldom pays any contract to its fullest value, anyway.

As for the haters, don’t hate the players, hate the game.