Los Angeles Rams: Why keeping Tavon Austin and not Sammy Watkins makes sense

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Imagine the “shock and awe” if Tavon Austin ends up sticking with the Los Angeles Rams for the 2018 season. Crazy? Maybe not.

It’s a curious side note given all the craziness surrounding the Los Angeles Rams and the 2018 offseason.

Tavon Austin might be sticking around for the Rams this season.

Hey who knew?!?!?

Austin might be the best definition of a summer cold in Los Angeles, meaning he might just hang around.

He may also be the best example of what will work in the Rams passing game and why a guy like Sammy Watkins ultimately didn’t.

Frankly, I’ve grown tired of beating the dead horse that is Watkins. Under a different set of circumstances, he’d likely of flourished and established himself a number one receiver in a city desperate for a winner.

So, is Austin that guy? Is the “jet-sweep” call that seems all he ever did going to be a staple in Sean Mcvay’s 2018 offensive incarnation?

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Probably not.

That said, Austin may be that guy who fills a need that no one else does. He’s not a malcontent like a Marcus Peters or an NFL diva ala Aqib Talib.

He IS a guy who will work, and work the Sunday game plan. Something Watkins did not, nor will not excel at.

Hey, every team needs one of those guys. For the Rams, Austin might be the guy who gives McVay some options.

Whereas Watkins NEEDED a role, Austin fills one.

Knowing that is why McVay was the NFL Coach of the Year.

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Los Angeles is zeroing in on a bigger payout in 2018. They are loaded by-in-large on defense, and filling out a game plan on the offensive side of the ball. In Austin, they have a contributor to a larger plan.

For Watkins, they would have been game planning to an ego.

That’s Kansas City’s problem now.