Rams with Ndamukong Suh become a high voltage cast of characters

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Ndamukong Suh /

The Los Angeles Rams may be on the wish list for free agent Ndamukong Suh, and indications are the feeling may be mutual. But is such a volatile player worth what may already be a colorful defensive locker room?

It’s hardly a lock, but the idea free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has the Los Angeles Rams on his “maybe” list, says a lot about the machine General Manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay are building.

It may even say that if the Rams haven’t yet arrived, they aren’t far from pulling into the station.

On the plus side, adding Suh to be a bookend type of rusher to go along with Aaron Donald makes the Rams defensive line, the best in the NFL.

Who wouldn’t love that?

But for those who may have lost count, Suh also becomes another player who might be more trouble and baggage than he’s actually worth. Also, he has a monster price tag, and LA still had some work to do at linebacker and with the aforementioned Donald.

He’d also become part of a potentially high maintenance, and even combustible defensive locker room to go along with Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. Meaning unless the Rams are winning and winning a lot, the cost could be the pretty stress free, low conflict team LA had in 2017.

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Suh brings a lot to the table.
A lot.

Los Angeles continues to work from the baseline of being committed to not just improving on 11-5 in 2018, but something much bigger.

The question the Rams should ultimately have is the risk versus the reward.

Can Suh be a good citizen in LA, or does he become that guy who always seems to do a dumb thing at the worst time? I mean, if the Rams ARE that close, then is that something else you need with Talib and Peters also in the defensive huddle?

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Adding Suh is definitely an embarrassment of riches should both sides make it work.

That may be a heavy lift, in more ways than one.