Los Angeles Rams: 5 reasons to be excited about Ndamukong Suh visiting

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5. Offense already in great shape

When looking across the league, there are plenty of amazing defenses that unfortunately grow frustrated over their teammates on offense failing to come through on their end, as teams like the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills both learned the hard way in 2017. The Rams were actually in a similar boat leading up to last season when considering the defense had shown a ton of potential at times while the offense was flat-out awful, but luckily all of that changed once Sean McVay came into the picture.

Watching Los Angeles go from worst to first in scoring (14 points per game in 2016 to 29.9 this past season) was completely unexpected since most fans thought it would take players at least a year or two to adjust to McVay’s offense. But thanks to his system bringing out the best in just about everyone other than Tavon Austin, the Rams’ offense looks like it’s going to be a serious threat in the NFL for years to come.

If this does happen, the defense won’t be facing as much pressure in games since the offense will be coming through on their end. So if Suh wants to join a team with strong units on both sides of the football, Los Angeles should obviously be a strong candidate.