Los Angeles Rams: 5 reasons to be excited about Ndamukong Suh visiting

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2. Phillips could keep Suh in check

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why some Rams fans will be against the possible signing of Suh is due to previous controversy throughout his career, both with the Dolphins and Detroit Lions. No matter how hard he tries, Suh can never talk his way out of his troubled past of making dirty plays from time to time, but that doesn’t mean a player can change, especially if he has the right coaching staff to work with.

Without question, Wade Phillips has always been one of the best at what he does throughout his coaching career, and one of the main reasons why McVay was thrilled to convince him to join his staff last season was due to him getting the best from players. No to mention, the one characteristic to love about Phillips is his history of dealing with headaches, and keeping them in check, which is one of the main reasons why the organization felt confident about bringing Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib on board.

If the Rams feel confident in Phillips being able to handle his new cornerback duo, there’s every reason to believe he could do the same with Suh. Otherwise, it’s safe to say Los Angeles wouldn’t even be considering a meeting with Suh this week if they didn’t think Phillips was capable of making it work.