Ndamukong Suh visiting Rams should terrify rest of NFC

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Despite seeming like a long shot at first, Ndamukong Suh is reportedly meeting with the Los Angeles Rams this week.

With the 2018 NFL Draft scheduled for the end of next month, the Los Angeles Rams have already been busy this offseason by completing key trades and signings to make sure they remain serious contenders in the NFC once again. However, it looks like the team may be considering another big move on the defensive side of the football in Ndamukong Suh, which sounds terrifying to think about.

Similar to Los Angeles, the Miami Dolphins have been busy themselves this offseason, although their situation is a little different since instead of making the necessary moves to improve their chances of being a serious contender, the team has been getting rid of certain players that appeared to be a distraction. Turns out, Suh was part of the whole cleaning house process, but also the Dolphins wanted to make some salary cap space from that ridiculous contract the defensive tackle signed back in 2015 (six-year, $114 million).

At first, when rumors began to swirl about Miami’s expected plans to move on from Suh, the chances of him joining a team like the Rams seemed like an absolute long shot, especially when looking at how they have been clearing salary cap space of their own to what fans can only hope means a new contract for Aaron Donald is coming soon. But with Sunday’s surprise news regarding Suh’s plans to meet with Los Angeles this week, it looks like that long shot possibility could all of a sudden become a reality.

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For starters, just because Suh has agreed to a meeting doesn’t meet this is guaranteed to happen since the 31-year-old has already met with numerous teams, and rightfully so when looking at what he can bring to the table on the defensive side of the football. Then again, when looking how Suh joining the Rams would mean he would be joining a defensive line that already consists of two dominant players in Donald and Michael Brockers, it’s tough for fans to contain the excitement.

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Without question, the addition of Suh joining a defense that was already considered one of the top units in the league would only help Los Angeles take their Super Bowl odds to a whole new level. Football fans can express whatever concerns they have about Suh when looking at how much of a headache he’s been at times over the years, but with Wade Phillips proving on numerous occasions throughout his coaching career that he can keep his players under control for the most part, the move would easily be worth the risk.