Rams strength and conditioning coach could play key role in signing Ndamukong Suh

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With Ndamukong Suh meeting with the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday, the team’s strength and conditioning coach, Ted Rath, could play a key factor in the potential signing.

When the news first broke surrounding Ndamukong Suh‘s release from the Miami Dolphins last week, the chances of the defensive monster ending up with the Los Angeles Rams seemed like an absolute long shot, especially when looking at all of the previous work the team had already completed to make salary cap space for the 2018 season. Not to mention, the argument can be made that instead of pursuing guys like Suh, the Rams should be focusing their attention on working out a new deal with Aaron Donald on the defensive side of the football.

But if Los Angeles were to figure out a way to do both, one can only imagine just how terrifying their defensive line would be to face next season since Donald and Michael Brockers alone made it difficult for opponents to deal with. And with Suh officially meeting with the team on Tuesday, Rams fans are doing their best to contain the excitement over the possibility of this once long shot dream becoming a reality.

Even more exciting, Los Angeles may have an extra advantage compared to other teams expressing interest in bringing Suh on board, Peter Schrager pointed out Tuesday morning. Earlier this month, the Rams hired Ted Rath as their new strength and conditioning coach after previous stints with the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins, which coincidentally happen to be the two teams Suh has spent his NFL career with.

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Suh already seemed to have a sweet offer by having the chance to join a defense led by Wade Phillips that already consisted of a strong defensive line with Donald and Brockers. But with the opportunity to potentially work with Rath again has to be a major factor for Suh when taking this decision into consideration.

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Only time will tell when it comes to whether the two parties will be able to strike a deal, but the meeting alone is one of many reasons as to why Los Angeles should be excited over the possibility. The Rams have been keeping themselves busy over these last few weeks to give them a better chance of being a serious Super Bowl contender in 2018, and there’s no question an addition like Suh would take those odds to a whole new level for Sean McVay‘s squad.