If the season started tomorrow, would the Rams be the favorite to win the Super Bowl?

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley /

Yes I know, a lot is still to come. But it is hard to not look at what the Los Angeles Rams are doing and wonder if they aren’t poised for a deep playoff run and maybe even a Super Bowl.

Lots, and I mean lots can and will happen between now and the opening weekend of the 2018 NFL Draft. For the Los Angeles Rams, they are still courting defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, and have a draft to complete before a final and ultimate grade can be rendered.

But for fun, and based on all the good feelings in Los Angeles, if the 2018 NFL season began tomorrow, would the Rams be a favorite to get to and win the Super Bowl?

Bold question, and one that I’ve actually written about this NFL offseason.

Without question, LA has made the kind of moves that make you think they are all in on this season or next to get there, before they even get to the new facility in Inglewood. They’ve also rolled the dice on some guys who may be “character considerations.”

Signing Suh only adds to that.

But is that the kind of talent who can win a division, a conference, AND a Super Bowl?


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Looking back at the NFC playoffs, the Rams were a team, despite a loss to the Atlanta Falcons, who could have competed at a high level with Philadelphia and Minnesota.

The changes they made, or have made thus far, pushes them closer to a Super Sunday.

In all likelihood, the Eagles will be at the top of the heap, but LA won’t be far behind. As a matter of fact, whether the do or do not sign Suh, the Rams could be 1A behind Philly, especially when repeating such a feat is never an easy deal, regardless of how good the Eagles are.

The Rams will trot out perhaps the best defensive backfield and if they sign Suh, maybe the best defensive 11 who can employ total havoc on any offense in the league.

However, the Los Angeles Rams still has a few offensive questions to answer.

How do they fill the role, albeit a limited one based on 2017, what Sammy Watkins did and did not do?

What does Tavon Austin ultimately become in the 2018 version of Sean McVay’s offense?

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And what about Todd Gurley and Jared Goff? Can they put two consecutive seasons together where they drive maybe the most prolific offense in the NFL?

IF they can, and even if Suh isn’t part of the Rams opening day lineup, Los Angeles is a team who will get a lot of serious run for a Super Bowl, and rightly so.

Credit McVay, Les Snead, and Wade Phillips for recognizing a wide open window and leaping through it.