Los Angeles Rams: 3 surprise picks in the 2018 NFL Draft

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 25: Quarterback Luke Falk
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 25: Quarterback Luke Falk /
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I know, I know; Jared Goff is “the guy” for the Los Angeles Rams. Coming off a redemption year in 2017, and having another season under guru Sean McVay, Goff could very well be on the verge of something truly great in LA.

I agree. The signs are all positive.

But don’t tell me Sean Mannion is an absolute lock one heartbeat away from Goff.

A quick show of hands for those “ all in” on Mannion?

Look, maybe he’s the goods and McVay feels all set with the quarterback depth chart.

But I don’t think so.

I will say that cultivating talent at THE position most critical in the National Football League can pay significant dividends. For fans who scoff at the idea of the Rams drafting a quarterback, I present two unique but tangible examples of genuine value at the second position on the QB depth chart: Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Foles.

In LA, is it totally crazy to ignore looking at an upgrade at the backup position? If the Rams are THE team to beat, why not take a look?

One quarterback worth doing so with is Luke Falk from Washington State.

Falk is 6’-4”, and 225 lbs. While his senior season in Pullman wasn’t ideal, he’s a player who brings some credentials to consider in that he was a finalist for both the Manning and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Awards. He was also a three-time All PAC-12 conference selection, and set the WSU record for wins with 27.

Beyond that, Falk is a big quarterback built for an NFL pocket. He spins a good ball and has a quick release. He understands progressions and and timing and can work the field.

I honestly believe the Rams should take a look at their depth chart where the QB position is involved. Being a team ready to take that next step, McVay will want to know what’s after Goff should the unforeseen occur. Seeing what happened in Philadelphia should make that point logical.