Have the Rams effectively told Aaron Donald, wait till next year?

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Did the flurry of activity the Los Angeles Rams engaged in this offseason say to Aaron Donald, “wait until next year?”

The Los Angeles Rams look to be allowing fans and the NFL world to catch their collective breath. After what can best be described as a whirlwind in March, General Manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay have charted an aggressive course for the franchise, and they aren’t even at draft day yet.

Is there more craziness to come? Who knows, but if you’re a fan of defensive tackle Aaron Donald, you’d certainly like to see a little love tossed his way.

If you are a Donald fan, you may be waiting awhile.

Without question, Snead and McVay have placed the Rams in an envious position. They’ve operated this offseason with an attitude of “why not,” and now Los Angeles may be in the best position for a Super Bowl run.

I mean, isn’t that what this business is all about?

Still, Donald languishes waiting and knowing the Rams have time on their side to figure it all out. Don’t misunderstand, he’ll be taken care of eventually, but if you’re in his camp, you have to wonder how all this eventually shakes out, because it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.

One has to believe Snead, Donald. and his representation are on the same page and that the organization has shared some kind of roadmap for how this eventual winds up. As much as I believe McVay has become the face of the Rams franchise, their Defensive Player of the Year has become a signature part of the organization, and recognized as the best at his position.

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Meaning, he won’t get away.

It is fair to wonder if this does eventually begin to grind on Donald. Next to quarterback Jared Goff, he’s one of the most most critical parts in Los Angeles.

No matter what moves they have and may continue to make.