The Rams new Inglewood facility should be the nexus of all things NFL

(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images) /

With the Los Angeles Rams new stadium due to come on line in 2020, things look to be shaping up for LA to be a major hub for all things NFL.

The Los Angeles Rams aren’t waiting to open their new Inglewood facility to coincide with a Super Bowl contending team. As a matter of fact. They may be a few season early.

But one thing is for sure, Los Angeles may be on the verge of becoming ground zero for all things NFL, all things sports, all things entertainment, all things everything.

With the Rams being the centerpiece, of course.

The NFL recently announced that NFL Media will join the Rams and the Chargers at the newest league stadium beginning in 2021, sure to be the crown jewel of all NFL stadiums.

It’s a complex actually, a “District” by name.

The LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park, slated to open for business in 2020, will share a unique relationship with the NFL Network as they relocate to that facility.

It is in fact a significant, if not THE signature NFL footprint in the country, and becomes the West Coast anchor long desired by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And should the Rams begin to put together the kind of teams year in and year out who compete for not just division championships, but Super Bowls, Los Angeles could become the epicenter of the NFL world.

That’s big time.

For too long now, New York has been the hub for a league just now getting away from the Eastern Time Zone. With the exception of the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, and only recently the draft, everything came out of Manhattan.

Los Angeles changes ALL THAT.

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The $2.6 billion (and climbing), 70,000 seat open air stadium will be what Jerry World once was.

It should also eventually be the next host of the above mentioned Combine. In addition, it WILL host Super Bowls, Final Fours, and ALL kinds of National Championship contests.

And know an NFL Draft will make its way west, too.

Finally, it’s the evolution of an East Coast centric league, long overdue.