Has the oppressive Patriot Way given way to a new Rams Way?

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 17: Running back Todd Gurley /

It may be premature, but it is fair to wonder if the “Patriot Way” of winning has begun to yield to a new way of doing business. The Los Angeles Rams may be a destination that shows players are looking for something different.

We’ve all heard it before that the “Patriot Way” was the shortest path to conference championships and Super Bowl rings. Now, it looks like the Los Angeles Rams may be changing all of that.

The Patriot Way also meant the guru that is Bill Belichick and the now ageless wonder that is Tom Brady would dominate the AFC East, and was the preferred destination for free agents and veteran players looking to close the circle on their career with a championship run and maybe a touch of the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, as with all things of a cyclical nature, it may also represent a tired regime that has become oppressive and no fun.

That’s right, no fun.

Hence the new age of a new breed of professional NFL player who is equally and perhaps more interested in “fun”, than maybe the tried and true process the Patriots deployed for winning and sustaining excellence.

The Rams may be on the precipice of ushering in a new way of doing business, and if free agency is a leading indicator, Los Angeles may soon be what New England is on the decline of having been.

With Sean McVay at the helm, and what looks to be an All-Star roster beginning with DPOY Aaron Donald and OPOY Todd Gurley, the Rams are now getting the last word with players looking for a lifestyle that also produces wins.

Players are and most notable, becoming fatigued with how it’s done at a franchise like the Patriots, with some talking heads wondering out loud if Belichick has lost his touch and maybe even a locker room this past season.

Bottom line, players are beginning to look elsewhere, and in LA it’s fresh and new.

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As Kroenke & Co. look to soon rollout the kind of complex they will be in come 2020, it will beckon those who know winning can be done in a manner that doesn’t have a task-master and a large thumb upon it. Players seem to be looking for a place where business is conducive to the good feelz today’s younger NFL rank and file is looking for.

The Los Angeles Rams are building a professional football plant on the Pacific Coast, where the promise of sun and fun may lead the list of what an NFL player can have. If LA can maintain a contending franchise, it will also change the balance of power in the league.

Meaning the “Patriot Way” could soon be dead forever.