Los Angeles Rams: 3 ways LA may redefine the 2018 NFL Draft

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I’ve been watching the NFL Draft ever since someone at ESPN had the forward thinking idea that football fans would probably love it.

For Los Angeles Rams fans, the 2018 NFL Draft might feel a bit anticlimactic, and that’s fair. For the better part of March, mocks and would-be experts have speculated what LA would do with their lone pick at No. 23 in the first round.

Well, fans can now make plans for the first two rounds as the Rams won’t be selecting anybody, at least as of the time of this writing.

As I alluded to, the Rams went one month early and used free agency as their own exclusive draft. They used the pool of available, NFL qualified talent, to stock their defensive and offensive rosters with NFL tried and true performers.

How is that not smart or a head start?

Now, having ZERO picks in round one and two may or MAY NOT be a detriment down the road in the next few seasons. We just don’t know that sitting here today. That said, the selections of Sam Bradford and lineman Greg Robinson should be a signal that first OR even second round picks aren’t locks for better things.

It’s still a crap shoot.

The Rams may be arrogant for having the temerity to expose such a thought.

But give them credit for coloring outside the lines, when doing otherwise hasn’t always paid better dividends.