Los Angeles Rams: 3 ways LA may redefine the 2018 NFL Draft

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If the Los Angeles Rams defy a lot of odds and win a Super Bowl, most NFL executives may choose to buck a lot of conventional wisdom and use a similar blueprint as LA has.

But, what is that blueprint?

Well, if LA wins a championship, it’s that the pathway can be almost exclusively free agency.

Just not entirely.

The Rams are blessed with a quarterback who may, or may not be the goods. They also have an Offensive Player of the Year in Todd Gurley getting close to an eventual big time payday.

Then there’s the whole Aaron Donald thing.

Bottom line, the Rams are taking advantage of some unique advantages in having one of the youngest cores’ any rosters can bring.

Debate that and get a lot of conflicting opinions.

But I say this. If the Rams can find a way to strike a balance between youth and free agents, inexpensive contracts and those that are conducive to a one year “all in” deal, then why not?

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Let’s just say Los Angeles brings home a Lombardi Trophy to the not so cozy confines of the LA Coliseum, who will care that it’s two seasons too early before the long awaited move to Inglewood?

The Rams have signaled to their unique fan base that they aren’t afraid to go off-grid if a Super Bowl is reasonably within reach.

Isn’t that what fans ultimately want? An effort to win if the chance is there?

The 2018 NFL Draft may be anticlimactic when all is said and done. But the Los Angeles Rams have shown that winning can track a lot of different avenues, with the draft being only one of them.