The Rams checked all the boxes on offense at the 2018 NFL Draft

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 04: John Kelly /

The Los Angeles Rams made a smart move in the 2018 NFL Draft by addressing the need for youth on an aging offensive line, as well as some depth at running back. Something that will be significant as the organization moves forward.

Say what you want about the 2018 NFL Draft, but the Los Angeles Rams managed to check all the boxes, dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. Even for those fans who are still aggravated that GM Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay didn’t draft more linebackers or EDGE rushers early, LA came away with exactly what they needed, in the order they needed it.

The Rams opened their draft by attacking the offensive line and sending a message that as rock-solid dependable as center John Sullivan and offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth were in 2017, their days being tasked with protecting quarterback Jared Goff are winding down.

And you know what, that’s ok.

The Rams selected tackle Joseph Noteboom from TCU on Friday night when LA finally had a pick in the draft, and followed that up on Saturday with offensive lineman Brian Allen from Michigan State, who will slide into the center position studying behind Sullivan. For good measure, and because it was a smart selection to make, Los Angeles added Tennessee running back John Kelly to be on the depth chart behind reigning OPOY Todd Gurley.

They’d also add Jamil Demby, an offensive lineman from Maine, as Snead and McVay would draft in later rounds to cultivate talent and give the organization options.

Which is what a team in the Rams position wants to do as they prepare to make a deep playoff and maybe Super Bowl run.

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Most surprising was a noticeable negative reaction by fans on social media who felt Los Angeles had effectively thrown away the draft because they didn’t go with linebackers and EDGE rushers right out of the gate.


Bottom line is the Rams are in a great position after this draft on defense, but better off on offense also. Had they done the exact opposite, you would not be able to say that.

As I’ve said, Snead and McVay have been pushing ALL the right buttons in 2018. They did so again in this weekends draft.