Los Angeles Rams: 3 reasons not to panic over Aaron Donald skipping OTAs

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1. Talks have been taking place for months

Whether it was Donald’s representatives meeting with the Rams during the regular season or comments made by Les Snead back in April about their star being on the verge of possibly becoming the league’s highest paid defensive player, this year is much different than 2017. Instead of Los Angeles wanting to hold off on talks since Donald had two years left on his contract, the team knows the situation this time around is completely different, and they can’t afford the risk of making their star defender unhappy.

Otherwise, the Rams risk losing Donald to another team down the road that would most likely pay him whatever kind of contract he would be looking for since they know it would totally be worth it. Even after all of the surprise moves made by Los Angeles this offseason, Snead has made it clear that it shouldn’t impact the future contract of Donald, which is a great sign.

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While the argument can be made that talks lasting as long as they have can be viewed as a reason for concern, the communication between the two sides is at least better than no communication at all. Seeing Donald absent from the start of OTAs will certainly make some fans nervous, but at the end of the day, there’s no reason to panic since it seems to be only a matter of time before a deal finally takes place to put all concerns to rest.