If OTAs do not matter, why such a big deal when Rams QB Jared Goff completes a pass?

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Jared Goff
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Jared Goff /

Depending on the Los Angeles Rams player, either OTA’s are a big deal, or they are a big yawn. That said, the idea that Jared Goff hitting on a big pass during drills makes news, says everything about the perception of a QB the jury is still out on.

Gotta love OTA’s. Reading the latest from the first day, two things are clear: the Los Angeles Rams are thrilled to see Jared Goff complete a long pass, and that OTA’s, as they relate to Aaron Donald, are a total non-story.

But please, don’t tell me you can reconcile both stories.

Rival sites are quick to say what a throw-away OTA’s can be. I mean, Donald is a problem that will have a resolution, eventually and hopefully. But man, run the video of Goff completing a deep pass (7 on 7 drills), and lose yourself in the wonderment when a would be franchise type QB completes a throw.


If fans and a fawning local media are so easily overwhelmed when the hometown quarterback can connect on a pass, but that same NFL media scoffs that an equally critical component to LA’s success is absent, then we know that the jury is still out on Goff.

That’s ok.

For all the good feelz about an amazing offense (again at the throw-away OTA’s), I’d point you to the “hand wringing, all is good” that AD is off grid. And yes, I agree, I think it’ll be resolved, eventually.

But spare me the slam dunk, Goff to Cooks scenario that has Rams fans all a flutter. If LA can get ANYTHING done with Donald, that’s the bigger story.

If they cannot soon, same deal.

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But his missing OTA’s is such a nothing-burger, that it is almost not worth noting. Good thing Goff completing a pass so easily impressed.

Fans may need that to cling on to when it gets a little more serious.