Los Angeles Rams landing partnership with San Diego radio station is kind of ironic

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images)
(Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images) /

In what can only be described as ironic, it’s kind of funny to see the Los Angeles Rams land a partnership with a radio station in San Diego this week.

Two years ago, the Los Angeles Rams were adjusting to making the move to a city that had been waiting a long time to have a football team again.

One year after that, the city was fortunate enough to receiver a second team in the Los Angeles Chargers, with the plan being the team would join the Rams by sharing the new stadium in Inglewood when completed in a few years.

Originally, Rogers Goodell seemed to be thrilled over the idea of Los Angeles receiving two football teams when looking at how the city is one of the most popular in the country with plenty of money to potentially be made.

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However, the first year in their new city didn’t exactly go according to plan for the Chargers when it came to building a strong fan base, and rightfully so when looking at the history of Los Angeles when it comes to the Rams.

Keep in mind a majority of the fans that were desperate to see a team return to Los Angeles had been die-hard Rams fans before the team made the move to St. Louis in 1994, so why would they all of a sudden make the switch to cheering for the Chargers?

If anything, football fans in general should feel sorry for the poor fans in San Diego that no longer have a football team since the Chargers most likely would have been better off just staying there.

To top it off, the Rams just landed a new radio partnership with The Mighty 1090 in San Diego to broadcast all of their games, which in a way seems like a bit of a troll job.

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Only time will tell when it comes to seeing if this was the right move for the Chargers, but to hear the city of San Diego will now hear all Rams games on The Mighty 1090 is kind of funny. After just one year, it’s safe to say the Rams are clearly winning the Battle of Los Angeles, and the Chargers have plenty of catching up to do based off numerous factors, including this new radio partnership.