Los Angeles Rams should be concerned over Aaron Donald if absent from minicamp

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Once again, it looks like Aaron Donald is going to be absent at the start of mandatory minicamp for the Los Angeles Rams this week.

For months, Los Angeles Rams fans have done their best to be patient with the organization when it comes to the whole Aaron Donald contract situation, as the defensive superstar is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Around this time last season, it was easy to understand the Rams perspective on this situation with Donald since the former Pittsburgh star still had two years to go on his current deal, but the circumstances are much different this time around.

While Los Angeles caught a break last year by having Donald put an end to his holdout right before the start of the 2017 season, one would think the organization would have done everything in their power to avoid another situation like last summer.

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Instead, it looks like the Rams will watch their mandatory minicamp get underway this week without Donald, which is the one thing everybody seemed to fear the most over the last couple of months.

When taking into consideration that talks seem to have been going on between Donald and the organization since the middle of last season, it’s beyond frustrating to see this whole contract situation taking place again.

As mentioned before, Los Angeles received some benefit of the doubt last year since Donald still had two years left on his contract, but the team will have no one to blame other than themselves if they see an extended holdout for a second summer in a row.

By now, Donald has proven himself worthy of being one of the league’s highest paid defensive player when looking at how much of an impact he’s made on defense for the Rams over the years.

Not to mention, when looking at the Super Bowl expectations surrounding this team, the last thing Los Angeles can afford is to be without one of their top players, as a result of not wanting to pay him.

The longer this whole contract situation drags on, the worst it’s going to get for the Rams since the last thing they want to see happen is Donald want to go elsewhere down the road, mainly to a team that doesn’t hesitate to pay him the money he clearly deserves.

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So in order to avoid another training camp and preseason consisting of Donald waiting for a new deal, can’t Los Angeles just take care of this already? Donald and Rams fans have waited long enough.