Rams GM Les Snead may emerge as biggest story this offseason

Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead seemed to have one job to do this offseason. Instead, Aaron Donald and a few other players sit on deck, waiting for something to happen. Can fans trust this guy can get any of this done?

I can’t imagine Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead was looking to emerge as the top story in LA this offseason, but given no Aaron Donald, he may as well be.

I mean, the guy had like one job to do, pat himself on the back, take the photo at the signing, and call it an offseason.

Instead, he may come to rue the day he decided to let this AD thing drag on for another long offseason for the benefit of a few potential dollars kept in the coffers, while simultaneously alienating a fan base he needs more than ever.

2018 presents a menagerie of issues for Snead. He’s got a host of issues on his plate TODAY, so how he comes off over the next two months says a lot about the organization.

To speak frankly, can Snead afford to get to Day 1 of training camp with the current status quo perfectly intact? Can he afford to have the AD issue, the first, second, and third question at every presser from now until kickoff?

What about Brandin Cooks and Lamarcus Joyner? Deals said to be everywhere, yet nothing looks to get done soon.

See a trend here?

The longer Snead and the organization leave these questions open ended, the more it looks as if they are content to play 2018 as a one off.

So, while an entire fan base and the NFL wait and wonder on Donald, the bigger question in Los Angeles may well be how Snead handles, or doesn’t, the business of the Rams post the 2018 season.

Moreover, is the Snead doctrine now built on running out the clock and working this franchise on a year to year basis?


Every NFL pundit will readily concede that #99 is the top at his position. They’ll also concede that from now until zero hour, Snead has one primary job, and that is the stewardship of the Rams through this deal.

Right now, the Rams going quiet can either be perceived as no news is good news, or Los Angeles and Aaron Donald are as far apart as ever.

Snead has a big workload. If nothing is done by the time the Los Angeles Rams begin the NFL season, it’s reasonable to say he failed in 2018 at taking care of the one piece of business he couldn’t fail at.

It’s as simple as that.