Los Angeles Rams: Wade Phillips confident over Aaron Donald contract situation

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With minicamp in the book, Aaron Donald’s contract situation is still the popular topic of discussion surrounding the Los Angeles Rams.

No matter how much they want to avoid the topic, the situation surrounding Aaron Donald still not having a new contract from the Los Angeles Rams isn’t going away until a deal finally happens.

After seeing how Donald ended up missing training camp along with the preseason last summer, one would think the Rams learned their lesson by now, but here they are in a similar situation once again.

While it was easy to understand Los Angeles wanting to wait on a potential new deal last summer since Donald still had two years to go on his contract at the time, the circumstances are completely different this time around. With Donald heading into the final years of his deal, the Rams only seem to be hurting themselves by stalling on the matter.

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As frustrating as it was to see Donald absent from mandatory minicamp this week, at least some Los Angeles fans felt better to hear from Sean McVay how there’s been more communication between the two parties, unlike last year.

Not to mention, Wade Phillips has already made it clear there’s no concern on his end either after seeing the results from last year.

At the time, there were some concerns over Donald missing out on learning the new system on defense run by Phillips, but as everyone knows, the defensive superstar picked up quite fast once he finally showed up before Week 1.

Despite all of the frustration surrounding Donald’s contract, the one positive factor is Phillips and the Rams all know that he has one of the best work ethics in the NFL.

Los Angeles fans that follow Donald’s videos on social media of him working out know that he’s always going to put in the necessary work to be ready for the 2018 season, which is probably one of the reasons why Phillips is so calm about the situation. Sooner or later, the Rams understand the time is going to come in which they’ll have no choice other than to open up their checkbook for Donald.

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Whenever that time (hopefully) comes, Phillips will be ready to work with Donald once again to help the defense live up to all of the hype from the offseason. As much praise as the offense received last year after taking a major leap under McVay, the defense deserves just as much credit, as both Donald and Phillips are two of the best at what they do for a reason.