Los Angeles Rams: 3 positive factors over holding off on Lamarcus Joyner extension

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3. Rams didn’t jump the gun

Will Los Angeles eventually look back on this way, and wish they rewarded Joyner with an extension if he comes through with another stellar season at safety in 2018 to gain more interest in free agency next offseason? Only time will tell when it comes to whether this ends up being the case, but when taking numerous factors into consideration, there’s nothing wrong with the decision by the Rams to use the tag on Joyner.

As great as it would have been to secure Joyner for the long run, let’s not forget he’s coming off his first season at safety after making the switch, meaning there’s no guarantee that everything will work out the way Los Angeles hopes it will. Obviously, the Rams aren’t feeling concerned over this being the case, but unfortunately there have been numerous occasions over the years from teams across the NFL in which they jump the gun on rewarding players with a hefty contract after one season.

That doesn’t necessarily mean this is going to be the case for Joyner, but there’s nothing wrong with waiting another year for Los Angeles to make sure he is in fact the real deal at safety. And if he does, there’s a good chance the Rams will be figuring out a way to make sure Joyner is taken care of next offseason.